Beth Felker

Beth Felker, M.A., is global health program manager for the Department of Population Health. With over 16 years in health advocacy, including six years focused on global medical and reproductive health care provision and advocacy, Felker is a global human rights and health advocate who is committed to advancing health access and rights for all people, particularly those who have been historically and strategically underserved.

Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, internal organizational and program development, innovative collaborative initiatives, international grant management, supporting international research and collaborating with global teams of medical and research experts toward a shared mission of advancing access to comprehensive health for all people.

Felker has lived and worked across the globe: Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Ecuador, México, Peru and South Africa.

Most recently, she was the co-director and program manager for Global Doctors for Choice, where she defined and executed the strategy for a global nonprofit that enabled doctors to lead policy change in their communities and countries. Previously, she was the executive director of SpineHope, which provided pediatric spine surgeries to children who would otherwise not receive that care.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts double major in psychology and intercultural communications from Southwestern University and a Master of Arts in sustainable international development from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.